Taking San Diego weddings to the next level

Get what you deserve 

With over 10 years of experience in event production and DJing in the San Diego nightlife industry SARMY understands the importance of creating the right atmosphere and catering to your unique requests. No two weddings are the same. SARMY's passion is making your wedding a step above the rest. 

SARMY always coordinates with the venue staff, planner, photographer and each vendor to ensure a successful event. With SARMY Entertainment you're getting piece of mind knowing that every detail will be taken care of. 

The one and only...

When you hire Sarmy Entertainment as your San Diego wedding DJ you get the one and only, DJ SARMY. We truly care about your wedding. Forget about all the last minute surprises or wedding reception horror stories. SARMY is available throughout the entire planning process whether by phone, email, text or Facebook. Have an awesome idea or nagging question at 3am? Shoot it over! 

SARMY channels his nightclub experience to the wedding dance floor; knowing how to read a crowd and build energy throughout the night. With an established network of fellow DJs and subscriptions to several "mp3 pools" SARMY has access to thousands of custom edits and special tracks. In other words he has the musical arsenal to really set off your dance floor with a truly unique and customized playlist. 

Microphone check 1, 2

Master of Ceremonies? We've got it covered! SARMY does all the introductions and makes all the important announcements. SARMY has the emcee skills and vocal presence to ensure your wedding reception flows smoothly. 

Fitting the bill 

Choosing a San Diego wedding DJ that fits your personality can make or break a wedding. We're happy to meet with you in person at your convenience before you sign a contract. No commitments, just a meeting to make sure SARMY is the right fit. We look forward to discussing your vision for the big day! Set up a free consultation today! 

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